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Jeevaadhaara is located at Kotturpuram, Chennai – We provide Ayurvedic Treatments for Skin, Hair Fall, Cancer, Asthma and Cardiac problems - 5 Years of Experience.
An Expert in the preparation of Natural Herbal Cure Food Tonics, a substitute for medicines for all diseases. We challenges to treat diseases without side-effects and reactions. All our herbal medici
Cancer Treatments for Pets Services: Giving care for all diseases Home pick up provided Providing all facilities in clinics.. Treatments: Eye treatment Cancer Family planing Skin treatment Fever Alle
Topmost Medical center in Chennai Care & Cure Speciality Hospital as one of the speciality hospital in Chennai at Aynavaram providing finest level 2nd health care under single roof. Our major spe
Facial & Skin treatment Center. Types of facials: Normal facial Special facial Acne facial Galvanic facial Gold facial Aromatherapy facial Fruit facial Herbal facial etc Types of skin treatments:
Experts Treatment for all Diseases Specialty: An Expert in the Preparation of Natural Herbal Cure Food Tonics Offer Treatments for all Kinds of Disease Offer Treatments for: Allergy Asthma BP Cancer
Cancer is a disease that causes your cells to grow in a rapid and uncontrollable way which leads to the development of a malignant tumour. Cancers affecting the various organs of the body .In our Can
A Unique Multi Specialized LAB Diagnostic Center: ECG MRI Scan CT Scan Normal spiral CT scan Ultrasound 3D , 4D Doppler Scan Bone Densitometry Mammogram General X-Rays Digital Radiography A Unique Mu
Echo cardiography. Services: Cancer Screening: Leading oncologists, screening for early detection of cancer or pre-malignant lesions, is done with the help of blood tests, pap smear, colposcopy,endos
Diagnostic clinic. Diagnostic Services: ECG Ultrasound Scan X Ray Service Urine Test Laboratory Clinic Gynecology . All Kinds of Clinical Laboratory Test: Cancer Screening Biopsy Anti DNA Bio Chemist
Hospital Services: Breast Cancer Colorectal Cancer Program Gynecologic Oncology Head and Neck Cancer Program Medical Oncology Neuro-Oncology Pediatric Oncology Radiation Oncology Thoracic Cancer Prog
Hospital for Cancer Specialized in CANCER OPERATION AND CURING. Specialized Departments: Diagnostic Center Scan X Ray Imaging Service Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Center Cancer Screening Doppler Sc
S B Pet Shop Pet care when it has to get done. 1. We have a Wide range of quality puppies for sale 2. The puppies we sell below 45 days old. 3.All kinds of Breeds of Puppies are Pet Consultation: &mi
Hospital Treatments for: Cancer AIDS Patients BP Patient Treatments Other Services: Home Care Services done For more details contact Dean Foundation @ +91-44-26454949
Skin Cancer Tests: Skin Biopsy : Skin biopsies Skin cancer Infection, or other skin problems. Treatments For: Diabetes Asthma Arthritis Blood pressure Back pain Cervical Spondylitis Disc prolapse FOR
Hospital and Medical Centre in Chennai A Leader in Pediatric Cancer Care Hospital in Teynampet-Chennai Hospital Services and Treatments: Breast Cancer Treatments Colorectal Cancer Program Gynecologic
Surgeries for: Cancer Thyroid Breast cancer Other services: Tooth Decay Wisdom Teeth Hernia Breast Cancer Cosmetic Dentistry Appendicectomy Plastic Surgery Equipments for performing: Laparoscopic tre