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Diagnostic Labs Diagnostic laboratories in Chennai Diagnostic Services: 24 hrs Clinical Laboratory Pulmonary Function Test X-Ray All procedures Whole body colors Doppler Clinical pathology Tread Mill
Diagnostic Centers in Bangalore Diagnostic Scan Centers Diagnostic laboratories in Chennai Services provided: Blood Urine test ECG X ray Scan Doppler scan Ultra sonic scan Other tests: CT scan MRI sc
Diagnostic Centers Diagnostic laboratories in Chennai Main deals: Diagnostic services Specialized in: Diabetes diagnostics Services includes: Diabetes tests Sugar level monitoring Diet consultations
Diagnostic Centers Chennai Diagnostic laboratories in Chennai Diagnostic services for: Gents Tests provided: Infertility ECG Scanning CT Scan MRI Scan X Ray Sugar check Pressure check Blood tests Uri
Diagnostic laboratories in Chennai Diagnostic services X-Ray ECG Ultrasound Scan All Kinds of Lab test Blood Test Urine Test Motion Test Echo cardiogram Mammogram Pathologist Diabetes Monitoring Horm
Master health check up Services: All Kinds of Lab Test are Taken Blood Test X-Ray ECG TMT OPG Echo cardiogram Scan Ultrasound Scan Master Health Check UP Door Step Services Clinical Pathology Compute
Medical Centers in Bangalore Diagnostic Centers Chennai Diagnostic clinics in Chennai Tests Provided for ECG Electrocardiography Pap Smear Treadmill Test (TMT) Ultrasound (US) Thyroid-Stimulating Hor
Pregnancy blood tests Home Service provided for : ECG X-Ray Ultra sound Scan Urine Test Diabetes Monitoring ECG HIV Clinical Pathology Echo cardiograph Ultra sound abdomen Computerized Diagnostic Cli
Clinical laboratory in Chennai Clinical Laboratory : Providing all Kinds of Laboratory Tests Blood Test Urine Test Motion Test Hormone Test Clinical pathology Urine Motion Semen analysis Body fluids
Diagnostic laboratories Services provided : Ultrasound Scan Blood Test Home Service Thyroid Scan Abdomen Echo Cardiogram EEG Urine Test Diabetes Monitoring ECG HIV Endoscopy DNA tests Aids Master Hea
Computerized Diagnostic Centers Diagnostic Services: Blood Test Ultrasound Scan Scan Abdomen Echo Cardiogram Urine Test Motion Test Diabetes Monitoring ECG All Kinds of Laboratory Test are taken Mast
Diagnostic center Diagnostic Services: ECG X-Ray Blood Test Home Service Thyroid Home Service Urine Test Diabetes Monitoring Hormone Assay Fertility Biopsy Biochemistry Microbiology Clinical Patholog
Preventive Diagnostic Center in Chennai Services Offered: ECG X-Ray Ultra Sound Scan MRI Scan Consultations for: Nuclear Medicine Hematology Clinical Chemistry Resting ECG Tumor Markers Immunology Se
Biotech lab in Chennai Services offered : Thyroid X Ray Service Digital Home Service ECG X Ray Service Door Step ECG Home Service Insulin Micro Biology Liver Function Hormone Assay Home Service Endoc
The Complete Diagnostics Center Services ECG, Blood Test Urine Test Motion Test X-ray Scan Centers Electrocardiogram Clinical Laboratory Tread Mill Health Check-up Tests: Blood sugar fasting BP Blood
Education Centers Co education schools in Chennai Standards available: Kindergarten Primary level Higher secondary level Facilities available: Laboratories Well Equipped Library Play Grounds Transpor
Top School in Chennai Providing Class from: Pre Kg to 12th Std. Medium – English Second Languages: Hindi Sanskrit Tamil Lab Facilities: Chemistry Lab Physics Lab Computer Lab Biology Lab Sports
Referral diagnostic ultrasound center Diagnostic services : Obstetric and Gynecology Prenatal Diagnosis Fetal Therapy Complete Abdomen Doppler Vascular Doppler Vascular Radiology Fetal Electrocardiog
Diagnostic services Diagnostic Services: Diagnostic X-Ray services are provided Clinical laboratory services ECG EEG Blood Test Urine Test Lab Services: Hematology Biochemistry Clinical pathology Uri
Diagnostic center with scan service Services offered : Blood Test CT Scan Ultrasound Scan All Kinds of Lab test X-Ray ECG EEG Echo cardiogram Mammogram Laboratory Testing: Blood Test Master Health Ch