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Hospitals in Chennai Hospitals Chennai Multi specialty hospitals in Chennai Treatments provided: Skin problems Orthopedic problems Gynacology treatments General health care Pediatric care Dealing wit
Chennai Hospitals Services: CT SCAN M.R.I X-RAY Ultra sound. echo, dopler Mammography Colonoscopy 24 hrs PH study Endoscopy Manometry For more details contact Rohit Hospital @ +(91)-(044)-25995858 EM
Chennai hospitals. Specialty services : General Practitioner Orthodontics Skin Treatments Dental Ophthalmology Obstetrics Gynaecology Pediatrics Neonatology Dentistry Urology Round the clock services
Multi Specialty Clinics Chennai Hospitals with 24 hrs medical assistance Consultations for: Maternity care Pediatrics Gynecology Bone and joint problems Cramps Muscle pulls Cuts and wounds General fe
Medical Hospitals in Chennai 24 hours health care hospitals in Chennai Facilities available: Eye care treatments Bone treatments Skin infections Throat problems Gynecology treatments Pediatric treatm
Multi Speciality Hospitals inChennai Orthopedic treatment centers in Chennai Treatments and Consultations: General Medicine and Intensive Care Paediatrics Orthopedics and trauma Neurosurgery General
Hospitals with experienced doctors Specialty: Dealing with multi specialized hospitalized facilities. Offer all kinds of general treatments. Facility Provided: Pharmacy Cab Service Ambulance services
Nursing Hospitals in Chennai Services: Multi specialty Hospital, 24 hours hospital Consultations for: Men Women Kids Treatments for: General Fever Viral Fever Throat infections Allergies Fractures an
24 hrs Hospital in Chenani Dealing with: Diagnostic center and pharmacy attached hospital in Tambaram Multi specialty Treatments offered for all diseases: Emergency Care OP facility Paediatrics Ortho
Ultrasound therapy unit Well equipped with general electro therapeutic instrumentation like Electrical stimulator, Interferential current therapy unit TENS UVR Ultrasound therapy unit SWD Whirl pool
Hospitals in Chennai 24 hrs hospital services in Chennai General surgery: Gall Bladder Appendix Adhesions Ulcer Surgery Hernia Ovarian Cyst Ectopic Gestation Hysterectomy Surgeries include: Gastroent
Multi Specialty Hospitals 24 hrs multi specialty hospitals in Chennai Doctors available: Orthopedics Peadiatrics Gynacology General medicine Dermatology Facilities: 24 hrs services Phamacy attached T
Multi Specialty Hospital Gynaecology treatment centers in Chennai Health Care Consultants: General medicine practitioners Gynaecologists Peadatricians Orthopedic specialists Treatments provided: Gene
Nursing Homes Chennai Maternity care hospitals in Chennai Treatments for: Skin problems Fractures Infections Allergies Sports injuries Accident injuries Features: 24 hours services Specialized in: Ma
24 Hrs Hospitals 24 Hrs Hospitals in Chennai Consultations for: Men, Women, Children Treatments for: General health ailments Orthodontist Gynecology Paediatrics Fractures Muscle pulls Sport injuries
24 Hrs Hospitals Chennai Multi specialty hospitals in Chennai Treatments provided for: Fever, Cold Allergies Infections Fractures Sports injuries Indigestion Acidity Specialists in: Neuro problem tre
Hospitals Chennai Gastroenteritis treatments provided in Chennai Unique Features: Intensive Digestive Care Unit (IDCU) Intensive Liver Care Unit (ILCU) Intensive Pancreatic Care Division (IPCD Surgic
Hospitals Chennai Consultations for: Men , women and kids Treatments for: General cold and cough Fever Head and body aches Bone and joint problems Fractures Accident recovery treatments Treatments fo