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Posted by Dr. P. C. J. Geoffrey
#15/4, Kadappa road, Madanagkuppam, Kolathur, Chennai.
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Sunday Services in Chennai

Geoffrey's Ministries is a religious Mass conducted Every Weekend. Dr. PCJ Geoffrey's story tells you the Story behind the emergence of this Organization. He was initially Struggling in his life, without Job and was going without goal when suddenly things changed. His family was very much worried of his future and got him married to a girl. Since she was more of a spiritual person, her prayers were looked upon by “ The Lord “ and she was blessed by a Job in a Christian Organization in Chennai. After Shifting over from Thirunelveli to Chennai, Life Began to Change for the couple. Within a year, Mr. Geoffrey got a Job for living in the same place as his wife. Now Life came up Full Swing, The Couple was blesses with Children, Geoffrey slowly indulged in Prayers to Lord. The Small Prayers turned into Large Meditations and Hours Together he went on Chanting Lords Name after Office Hours. This was the Stepping stone for him to hold The Lords hand firmly. The Real Lift from God Came in now. Geoffrey committed his life completely to the Lords Service. With the Lord's Blessings, He soon started a Prayer Cell. It was not Geoffrey who had chosen the Lords path, but it was his Holiness The Lord “ Jesus “ who had taught him Holiness and faithfulness. Sooner He resigned his Job to attain Lords Holy place by joining the Full time ministry as an Evangelist. While in 2003 when he was ordered by the Lord to Start a Church, Geoffrey started a Church in a rented place. Some 20 members were along with him. Within Months the Church grew into population and now approximately 5000 people are attending the Weekend Service.

Geoffrey's Days to Glory:

Pastor Geoffrey , once unwanted has now been blessed in as a Useful Vessel of Holiness, to Spread and Share the Holiness he experienced to others. He is a Living Example for all of us for how The Lord has Changed a Man who had went Jobless without aim for 8 years into a Pastor who now paves way for all the youngsters and shaping their way to Spirituality.

The Lords Blessings:

The Story tells us the Greatness of Lord who had turned even a Sinner and accepted him in his Ministry. Today after traveling all over the World, Pastor Geoffrey is still going strong over preaching Lords Miracles and “ The Way to God “.

The Message from The Lord:

The Lord Loves all. Gives us equal Opportunities and Reminds us of our duties timely. Its our Duty to take the Orders and act accordingly to his actions. The Lord does not expect anything from us other than Love and Peace among ourselves.


The Lord even under critical circumstances, did never leave Geoffrey and he rose into great heights spreading The Lords Thought. It is a great lesson for all of us to be righteous and Faithful.

Let us all Chant The Lords name in unison and attain Eternal Bliss.


Geoffrey then started a Church named “The Gate of Heaven”. He never knew anything about Pastoral Calling, but the Lord had Other Ideas. He was inducted and was conducting the Sunday Services. He was instructed by the God what to speak on Every Sunday and he did Just that what the Lord has instructed. Few years later the crowd pulled up with the Lords blessings, Geoffrey's Words did wonders. He soon bought a land and built a Big Church.3 Services are arranged and Conducted every Sunday. Pastor Geoffrey is presented by Lord with the Special ability to cast out demons.

Healing and Deliverance

Fire Anointing

For Participating in the Divine Sunday Service Contact Geoffrey Ministries at 26562345

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#15/4, Kadappa road, Madanagkuppam, Kolathur, Chennai.