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Applied protocol IT Solution

One to one training : Hands on training . and training from the industry experts    

1. General Introduction (What is IIS,IIS Website & Web Application, Steps to Create Multiple Website on Port 80, What is Application Pool)

2. Introduction to SharePoint (What is SharePoint, High Level Features, Six Pillars of SharePoint 2010,Version History of SharePoint)

3. SharePoint Installation and Administration (Hardware & Software Requirements, Supported Browser, Types of Installation, Software’s to be Installed, Central Administration Site)

4. SharePoint Site Hierarchy Web Application, Site Collection, Creating Site and Sub Site, SharePoint site Home Page, Branding Site, Look and Feel, Save Site as Template, Create Site from Template

5. Lists (Overview of Lists, Create Custom List, Add Custom Columns, Site Columns and Groups, Sort and Filter List, Create / Manage List View, Content Type, List Template, Versioning of Data, Metadata Navigation Settings)

6. Workflow (What is Workflow, SharePoint Workflows,3-State Workflow, Approval Workflow, SharePoint Designer 2010 and VS-2010, Building Workflow with Visio 2010, Developing Workflow with Visual Studio 2010)

7. Authentication / Authorization in share point

8. Page branding using Share point designer

9. List - custom list – External List - create a column for a list

10. External content type - communicating with external data source

11. Reporting tool

12. How to Show you tube/Embedded videos in Share point

13. Web part development in VS 2010 & hosting into Share point site

14. Workflows in share point

15. Silver light Client Object Model hosting in Share point

16. Overview of share point designer

17. Chart controls from List and other data source.

18. Web part connections.

19. Infopath Forms Design.

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