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Author: Sanjana

If you are wearing the same makeup since you were 20 , you may be helping yourself look older.

Dull tired looking eye add years to your face, giving them an instant glow of colors with some eye shadow . Just a few words of caution, matte shadows and frost shadows can be aging because they tend to collect in creases around the eye, drawing attention to your wrinkles. Opt for a pretty pink or beige color on your lids and finish by curling your lashes and applying two coats of mascara to make your eye look more awake instantly.

With aging lips tend to become thin, dry, and wrinkled. Your best defense tools would be a lip balm, which could be used once everyday, and the correct lipstick. Avoid matte lipsticks they can be very drying. A better option would be creamy, moisturizing lip colors. After applying, dab clean, shimmery gloss in the center of your top and bottom lips.

Your skin naturally loses pigmentation as your age increases. While shopping for a blush, look for a cream based formula. Older skin will usually mean dry skin and cream formulation will plump it to. Finally remember the lower you apply the blush the older you will look. Apply your blush in the center of your check bones and blend it to a natural look.

Before applying a foundation always apply a moisturizer . apply it about a few mins before. While choosing for a foundation select the one with a creamy formula. The additional hydration will helps preventing further wrinkles. Use it to cover wrinkles.

Finally use a light creamy concealer on problem spots such as under eye circles or blemishes.

Say good bye to face powder, it tends to get caught in fine lines , making you and your skin look dull and old.

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