Importance of effective office communication

  • hridhan ( Post Date: 2010-05-27 )

    Effective office communication is an essential constituent of the corporate world. Communication is technically the process of the transfer of information between the communicating entities. But we know the meaning implied by communication is much more than mere transfer. It is the sharing of one’s thoughts and feelings with the intension of being understood. Communication results from the need of expression and results in the exchange of ideas. Communication is an integral part of daily life and plays a major role in all walks of life. Effective office communication is a key factor in the success of an organization.Office communication includes the communication between the employees as well as the business talks and communications with the clients of the company. The interactions between company employees determine the work environment and organization culture. Communication involves in formal meetings, discussions with clients or business negotiations has a direct effect on the company business.Office communication could be verbal or a non-verbal one. It could be a telephone conversation or one using an electronic mode of communication. The bottom line is that it needs to be effective. You need to express yourself clearly and completely. The person on the other end should understand you. An effective communication is the one that includes clarity in expression and exchange of ideas and emotions.

    In general, you will have a mix of cultures at office. People around you will be of different ages and educational as well as family backgrounds. Remember to consider these differences while communicating with your colleagues or clients. Your words impact your relationships with the co-workers. The office communication influences your office work, thereby affecting the organization as a whole.Business deals happen over phone, contracts are signed over the electronic media, thus making these ways of communication, key players in business. Learning to effectively communicate is the need of the day. Effective office communication is the vital component of the corporate world. So, are you ready to make a new entry into this world? This time you will be equipped with the tips to effective office communication.

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