Bracelet Making Techniques

  • hridhan ( Post Date: 2010-05-27 )


    We always make an effort to gift our loved ones with something special and different. What can be more special than gifting him/her with something which you have made. Bracelets can be made at home in minimum amount of time. You were also planning to give your loved one a wristband but, you do not know how to make bracelets.

    Easy Bracelet Making Techniques


    String Bracelet Making Techniques Take embroidered strings of different colors. The first step of friendship bracelet making technique is to wrap one colored thread around your wrist twice. Measure the thread and cut it. Cut the other colored threads and make sure that they are of the same size of the thread which was cut first. Tie all these threads together at one end. Now, make a forward knot on the string which is at the leftmost side. Then, put the same string through the opening and pull it so that the knot becomes tight. Repeat the above mentioned steps once more on the same string. After doing this, pull the same string towards the right. Take the next string and follow the same procedure as followed for the first string. Repeat the procedure for all the strings. Follow the above steps till the bracelet becomes long enough to fit the wrist. This floss bracelet making technique is simple and also does not require much time. This was about how to make bracelets. Read more on instructions on how to make friendship bracelet and friendship bracelet patterns.


    Hemp Bracelet Making Techniques The first thing is to decide on the length of the bracelet. If you are planning to bead a single length of hemp, then cut the hemp a few inches longer than the length required to fit around the wrist. For knotted one, cut the hemp three times bigger than the length which will fit around the bracelet. Tie a knot to one end of the hemp. Perform beading and knotting according to the kind of design you want. After you are done with it, tie a knot at the other end too. If you do not want to tie knots, then you can also attach clasp at both the ends. For making knotted hemp bracelet, cut the hemp in three equal parts. Tie a knot at the ends. The next step is to tie five slide knots in the hemp. Over all the strings, slip small beads and again tie the five slide knots. Repeat this procedure till you get the bracelet of the desired size. Read more on how to make hemp bracelets.

    Bracelet Making Instructions

    Before you start making the bracelet, make sure that you have all the materials required for making the bracelet handy. Make sure that when you cut or choose the string for making the bracelet, it is a few inches big than the wrist size of the person who is going to use the bracelet. Also, after making the bracelet, do not forget to trim the extra string. Trimming will give a neat look to the bracelet. If you are making the bracelet for someone else, then choose that person's favorite color. If you follow these bracelet making ideas, you can finish making bracelet in no amount of time. 




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